Monday, July 7, 2008

Free Antivirus and Antispyware Software

Are you looking for free antivirus and spyware software? Not to worry, I have done the research for you, and reviewed products to save you the hassle of having to do the work yourself. Below is the recommended antivirus and spyware software on the Internet.

Primary Antivirus Software: The following are virus scanners that have real time protection. They are you everyday virus scanners. You can only have one real time virus scanner at a time to prevent conflicts.

Avast Personal - offers the same protection you would get if you had to buy a retail antivirus program. It is one of the most popular free antivirus programs on the Internet. This program has real-time protection, updates and high detection rate for virus and spyware.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition - has solid protection to keep your computer running smoothly. This virus scanner has a real time protection, has a search engine that scans both viruses and malware, and a scanner for web surfing to make sure the links are safe. It is easy to use and comes with daily updates.

Microsoft Security Essentials - is free and designed to be simple to install and easy to use. It runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don't have to worry about interruptions or making updates.

Avira AntiVir Personal - offers superb protection to detect and protect your system from viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, worms and more. It has a virus guard to protect your computer at all times. It has a scheduler to make regular automatic scans, and can update the new definitions for your computer.

Comodo Internet Security - is a free Internet Security that combines the Firewall and AntiVirus software to protect your PC from malicious software and Hackers. This a great package to keep your system protected and safe with regular free updates.

Secondary Antivirus Software: The following are backup antivirus software that you should have just in case the primary antivirus software fails to detect or remove viruses.

ClamWin Antivirus – If you are ever in an emergency, you should get this scanner. This scanner is portable, meaning you can transfer it on you USB flash drive and scan any infected computer. It has high detection rates for viruses and spyware, and it has regular updates. This antivirus software does not have real time protection, but it can be used in emergency when other antivirus software have gotten corrupt or cannot remove a virus or spyware from your system.

Dr.Web CureIt – is a very helpful antivirus program that has the latest definitions. It scans quickly and can cure your system from malware, Trojans, Internet worms, spyware, spybots, keyloggers, backdoors, adware, script viruses, and many more types of viruses. It is a great backup antivirus program for your system. This antivirus program is a standalone program that can be placed on a USB flash drive.

EMCO Malware Destroyer – is designed for detecting malware, and has a fast scanning engine. It detects most type of malware, adware, worms, trojans, and spyware. It is great for a second or third line of defense to protect your computer.

IObit Malware Fighter - provides users with a unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection, IObit Malware Fighter detects the most complex and deepest spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way.

Multi Virus Cleaner 2008 – has the ability to detect and remove harsh viruses. It is great for emergencies, and it can be used on a USB flash drive to scan infected systems. This program is a stand-alone antivirus tool that helps detect over 6,000 different viruses. Multi Virus Cleaner has thee ability to scan memory for viruses, and has the latest definitions to keep your computer protected.

ThreatFire – is a free real time antivirus scanner that will protect the user from virus and malware computer infections. It monitors constantly for viruses, worms, rootkits, trojans, spyware, adware and other malware. This program can only scan all hard drives and the registry for root kits, and it does monitor your computer for suspicious changes. The only drawback is that it can not scan your computer for viruses already on your computer.

Quttera - is a Malicious Content Detection System that has been designated especially for detection shellcodes, malicious executable code and vulnerability exploits that embed into computer media and information files such as movies, images, documents and etc...

Spyware and Adware Software: The following are the recommended programs to protect your computer from spyware and adware. It is essential because a virus scanner alone is not specialized to detect and remove spyware.

SUPERAntiSpyware - is the most thorough AntiSpyware scanner that you can find. It has the ability to detect and remove over 1,000,000 annoying bugs such as Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Vundo, ZLob, SmitFraud, WinFixer, VirusRay, VirusHeat and many more. It can even repair broken Internet connections caused by spyware.

Spyware Terminator - has real time protection that monitors spyware and other types of unwanted bugs. It is easy to use and requires minimal PC resources. It can remove spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers, and malware to keep your system safe. All types of users will like this program for its flexibility, simplicity, and effectiveness.

Spybot - Search & Destroy - has the ability to detect and remove several loads of adware files from your computer. It can clean your tracks from the Internet, which is helpful if you like privacy. It has the most current definitions for adware and other unwelcome pests.

Task Manager Fix - From PC Data Recovery, is a great tool to fix the task manager when disabled by a virus, trojan and spyware.

RogueRemover - There is a lot of scamming software that try to fool the user and try to make them buy they product. These evil products install malware and can harm your computer. Rogue Remover will help remove these programs that contain rogue spyware, and viruses.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - it can detect and remove the most difficult malware programs on your computer. It can remove those fake antivirus software that tell the user that they have a virus, but in reality they do not. Use this program to remove Antivirus XP 2008 or Antivirus XP 2009 of your computer.

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